Corporate framework conditions are characterised by disruptive innovations, complexity and market dynamics nowadays. The term “Innovation Lab” has been used in a corporate context for a number of years. We understand it as being a special organisational form for dealing with future-orientated topics.

The PROMEDICA Innovation Lab is an important part of our company, where we work with interdisciplinary teams consisting of employees and external parties (experts, cooperation partners, customers) on future-orientated questions of concern to the healthcare industry.

As a service provider, we specialise in generating ideas and solutions for topics. Depending upon the scope of the order, the use of our Innovation Lab can be suitable for healthcare companies of all sizes. Even departments or functional areas occasionally initiate Innovation Labs in order to consider their own strategic orientation within the company.

The intention is to perform efficient and goal-orientated analyses as quickly as possible and to search for new ideas. This method aims at making a contribution to decision making by managers as well as achieving future-orientated corporate goals through the identification of growth fields, the conceptualisation of strategies or the bringing about of innovations.

A special approach is taken here in order to unleash creativity and dynamism. Our Innovation Lab realises its full effect by combining a format suitable for the topic, creative people, an appropriate set of methods (e.g.scenario technique, design thinking) as well as an inspiring implementation venue.

The use of our Innovation Lab can be helpful in this context in order to secure access to collective knowledge and promising ideas. The use of our Innovation Lab follows the goal of actively shaping the future-proof nature of healthcare industries.

We offer

a) Analytical Innovation Labs: In this version, topics, e.g. trends, are analysed in the form of outstanding technological or societal developments. This serves the goal of identifying growth markets. These activities are also grouped under the term ‘foresight’. The output is usually a results report that supports the managers in their decision making and/or conceptual work.

b) Designing Innovation Labs: In this version, the focus is on activities that are analysed and then carried out. For example, strategic concepts, solutions for specific topics or innovations are created here.

In practice, a blend of these two versions has proven itself in the form of strategy committees that work both analytically and creatively.

Your benefits

  • Efficient option for handling future-orientated topics
  • Carefully planned and professionally implemented
  • Can be used for a wide range of topics
  • Can be realised in a wide variety of formats
  • Can be combined well with other activities
  • Unleash creativity
  • Ensure a high level of motivation and a great deal of passion amongst the participants
  • Offer the opportunity to realise truly new ideas/ concepts
  • Require a moderate financial and organisational effort, including for the subsequent implementation phase

In light of a perpetually evolving market dynamic, healthcare industries are launching various initiatives in order to be able to actively shape their future development. Our Innovation Lab is ideal for handling future topics and collecting ideas necessary for these. Indeed, unconventional approaches and methods can make a critical contribution to forging new paths and identifying promising opportunities.