1. Period of validity

An offer shall remain valid for 90 days.

  1. Adjustments

If the requirements change significantly over the course of the further collaboration, PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting will clarify together with the client how the scope of service and costs are to be adjusted. This clarification shall take place before PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting provides any additional services and shall be set down in writing.

  1. Confidentiality

PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting is obligated to treat all information received from the client as strictly confidential and to use it only for the purpose of executing the order.

  1. Consulting appointments on-site

The offered quantity of consulting days can be adjusted if necessary as per point 2. The smallest billing unit amounts to two hours. Travel and accommodation expenses as well as travel time will be billed separately. Consulting appointments can be rescheduled or cancelled up to two weeks in advance without charge. Appointments cancelled with less than two weeks’ notice will be billed.

  1. Billing

The billing for services rendered takes place at the end of each month and/or project.

  1. Termination of the contractual relationship

The collaboration can be ended by either party at any time following a clarifying discussion.

  1. Reference

PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting is authorised to add the company name and logo of the customer to its lists of references and to publish these on the internet or in print media for the purpose of providing objective information.

  1. Property rights and copyrights to conceptual foundations

Conceptual foundations that PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting brings to or develops in a project remain the intellectual property of PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting. This means that they cannot be used by the principal outside of the project, reproduced or given to third parties without the express permission of PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting. Conceptual foundations include, without limitation: Offers, project sketches, support documents (such as text blocks, best practice examples, guidelines), questionnaires and their components (content, structure, layout) as well as assessment reports (structure, graphic treatment).

  1. Liability

If and insofar as any consulting errors lead to the principal being unable to fulfil its cooperation obligations, fulfil them completely or fulfil them on schedule, any liability of PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting shall be excluded. A liability for minor negligence exists only in the event of the violation of material contractual obligations, whose fulfilment is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the purpose of the contract. In this case, liability for atypical damages is excluded. PROMEDICA Healthcare Consulting is liable to the principal, regardless of the legal reason, for damage caused deliberately or as the result of gross negligence by itself and/ or its employees.